Cooperation with neighboring countries

Sirvan Trading is proud to have taken a step towards supporting domestic production, taking into account the needs of the neighboring countries, including Iraq, and partnering with business partners based in the same countries. ...


What is alive honey?

A honey that is alive like a man and react heat and cold. As a human blood vessels being expended in heat and contract in cold, alive honey expend and contract in different temperature , too. Alive honey shrinks in cold temperature and granulates. Honey granulated means that the honey is vivid. This is not in dead honey that you see in hotels, markets and same places because they are boiled in special containers and are co ...


Topic of activity of Sirvan Tejarat Sadegh

To carry out all commercial affairs, such as (export and import and clearance of authorized goods), purchase and sale of all authorized goods, concluding contracts with all natural and legal persons and all governmental organizations and organizations, establishing branches and representing valid companies for the purposes of the company Holding booths and participation in all international and domestic international exhib ...